About us

When you’re part of it, You put your heart into it

At SonaLila & Partners, I Lina (from Germany) and Serge (from France) are more than employees – We are owners. That’s why we’re called all partners. And that’s why we all go above and beyond to offer quality products and outstanding service to the people who matter most – YOU, Our Customers.

Because for us, it’s personal

Our office is in Canals, France. A small peaceful village on the Larzac plateau. We have our own production workshop in India.

The company is directed by Lina & Serge with help from Neeli and Sultan in India together with our team of 5 tailors. The products involve a lot of research on Design and Fabrics. Our main line of products is woolen garments and shawls but we do everything from silk to cotton garments and scarves, as well as beautiful home furnishings.


We are providing exceptional quality clothes along with intricately designed patterns mainly Scarves and Shawls. Choose us as your major brand and let us add colors to your life. Our women 100% wool Scarf, shawls, and Coats are exquisitely designed with love and extreme diligence. The workforce involved is dedicated to providing nonpareil quality to our clientele.

Moreover, our top-notch quality fabric will provide you with an ecstatic experience that will carve unforgettable memories. Also, there’s a wide range and variety of designs as well as fabric to be chosen. Treat yourself with our trendy and chic designs.

We as a company believe in creating timeless pieces of art by global fusion of contemporary and historic fashion trends.



Why It’s Important to Us


We believe that to make sure we can continue to share nature with others, we need to help ensure that the beauty and resources of our environment will be around for generations to come. For us, that means making more sustainable clothing.


Therefore, we are taking action in everything we do, from our product development to our supply chain, to make sure that we have been actively creating more sustainable wool and sourcing solutions for our brand and the clothing industry. We ensure that the sheep that produce our wool are all treated humanely. The wool growers are treated fairly, and also the farms operate to minimize their impact on the environment. We are also helping protect the areas and activities we love by partnering with advocacy organizations that align with our values.



You can find us in Spring & Autumn Fair Glasgow (January, September) and at Inatex (Wallau, Germany) January & July

For more information you can always contact us